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Community Service

Along with academic challenge and a stimulating enrichment program, New Vistas strives to instill in each member of the student body a strong sense of service to the community.

On the Student Activities Calendar, we have scheduled annual community service events as a regular part of our school year.  Students develop a sense of the needs of others and how they can help in the wider community.

To further enhance this strand of our program, we are also scheduling opportunities for students to help in their own school community.  Community Service Teams will meet one Friday in our regular monthly calendar.  Faculty, staff, and students will work together in ways to serve the NVS community and our friends and neighbors.

Community Service Teams will meet the second and fourth Friday of every month.  Teams will form around a common interest in ways to serve and help our school and our neighborhood.  Service teams include:

  • Outdoor Assistance
  • Kitchen Care/Handyman
  • Thinking Green
  • Our Wider Community


The students themselves will help shape the Teams and their missions.

Every Friday, PE and Enrichment Activities will end at 2:45 and students will report to their chosen Community Service Team.  They will end the day with a brief Extra Help.

PLEASE NOTE that dismissal for all students on Fridays is the usual time, 3:30.