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We are Expanding

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“New Vistas School has a transformative ability to change the lives and potential of children with challenges. I have witnessed first-hand children overcome emotional and academic issues which would otherwise go untreated in other schools and environments. I have seen children grow in confidence, self-esteem, and productivity. The short and long-term benefits to our community and society are immeasurable and invaluable. Lynchburg and the students (and their families) of New Vistas are so fortunate to have this invaluable asset.”

-Rayner V. Snead, Jr. (grandparent)

“I have to confess, once again, that after attending graduation, I am still so awed by the wonderful environment New Vistas School provides. … I found myself always coming back to two words – nurturing and accountability. New Vistas provides one and helps develop the other – even expects it.”

-Bruce Christian (alumni parent)

“New Vistas School is a tremendous resource for families in Central Virginia with children who have learning differences, whether short-term or long-term. The teachers here are talented, creative, nurturing, and patient. Due to the mission and size of the school, they are able to customize their teaching methods to bolster the strengths and to support learning weaknesses of each student to help reach the student’s educational goals. My son is happy to go to school again since becoming a student at NVS. As a parent, I also have benefited greatly from the guidance of the administration and teachers by working with them to develop a plan for my child’s education and his personal growth.”

-Anne Wood (parent)

“My son would have never graduated from high school without New Vistas School. Not only did he graduate from New Vistas, but he went on to graduate from William & Mary and is currently employed in Richmond, VA. New Vistas is such a vital part of the educational fabric of Lynchburg. There is no other school like it. The individual student attention is second to none. Just watching the self-esteem and inner-confidence of your child grow while at NVS is amazing!”

-Ford Mays (alumni parent)

“We have been a part of the New Vistas School family for nine years. Our experience includes a wonderful community of educators and support staff who truly care about who your child is as an individual. Your child will be academically and socially challenged appropriately. They will be encouraged to learn at their own pace, and in their own way. Most importantly, they will be celebrated and supported. I encourage any family looking for another approach to education to visit NVS and meet the students and community. It is truly a special place!”

-Kathleen O’Shea (parent)

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