Hello, my name is Mark Protzman and I am excited to be one of the history teachers at New Vistas School. This year I will be teaching Civics, Post 1865 History, Post 1500 World History, Virginia Studies, Newspaper, Yearbook and PE. I’m very excited to be part of the N.V.S. family and have the opportunity to work with a really amazing group of students.

I was born in Seattle, WA very close to where the Seahawks play.  With my father being in the Navy, we moved around a bit. Much of my childhood was spent in California and Georgia where I enjoyed many great memories on St. Simmons Island. We later moved to Statesboro, GA and l I finished High School in Tigard, Oregon. I completed a B.S. with a degree in Elementary Education at George Fox University in Newberg OR.  During summers from college I worked in Alaska where I was able to pay for most of my college expenses. After college I traveled and eventually took two different international school teaching positions in South Korea. Later I taught in Everett, WA and here in Lynchburg for a short time.  Along the way and between teaching I have owned construction businesses and worked as a project manager assisting on the World Trade Center, the National Baseball Stadium and other buildings in the DC area.  I am married and have six children. One boy and five girls!

I’ve traveled to Thailand, Saipan, Canada, Guatemala, and Mexico. I recently traveled to India to visit my wife’s family. We traveled around South Central India and I was also able to see the Taj Mahal with one of my daughters.

I look forward to another great year here at N.V.S. and look forward to working with all of our great students.

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