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Mrs. Nagy

My name is Adrianne Nagy and this is my second-year teaching at New Vistas.  I am instructing all of the Upper School history classes this year including: 9th Grade Geography, 10th Grade Economics and Personal Finance, 11th Grade US and Virginia History and 12th Grade Government.  I attended Mary Washington College and earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Economics.  Later, I earned my Masters in Teaching from Randolph College.  I am dual certified in Special Education and History and Social Studies.  I was a member of the intercollegiate policy debate team at Mary Washington and that ignited my passion for research and argumentation related to governmental and public policy issues. In my free time I particularly enjoy reading historical fiction, going on trips with my family, and watching historical British dramas like The Crown.

The people and events that make up History are fascinating to me and I am excited to introduce these themes to my students. My goal is to help them engage in the study of people, places and ideas in a deeper and more meaningful way.  This year in Government it is my goal to facilitate productive dialogue around controversial issues and encourage students to wrestle with and defend what they believe and why. In the process also learning about how and why our government works the way it does.  In Economics and Personal Finance we are learning about how and why the economy works and tools we can use to help us in the real world become independent decision makers. 

This year, I am also working with the Lower School to practice our reading and public speaking skills through a weekly drama club that will culminate in a Spring Production.

I really enjoy teaching at New Vistas because it’s a school dedicated to instructing students that for various reasons have difficulty succeeding at traditionally structured schools. The New Vistas motto, “Some children learn differently, we teach differently,” is an idea I attempt to recreate in my classroom every day. I welcome the challenge of inspiring students to learn about the world around them and question why structures exist and how they can be changed in our democratic society.

 “ The history of the world is but the biography of great men (and women).” –  Thomas Carlyle