What is the Neighborhood Assistance Program?

  • The Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program for Education encourages businesses & individuals to contribute directly to neighborhood organizations whose primary function is providing education assistance to low-income persons or eligible students with a disability.


How did New Vistas School get involved with the NAP?

  • New Vistas School applied for and was accepted by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education’s Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program for Education.
  • NVS qualified to apply for the NAP because:
  • Over 50% of NVS students meet the federal guidelines for financial need.
  • Well over 50% of NVS students have identified learning disabilities.
  • NVS is the only school  of its kind in our area to be approved!


How does the NAP work?

  • Gifts to NVS enable a donor to receive 65% of the gift amount in Virginia state tax credits.
  • While not guaranteed, limited NAP credits may be available.
  • Individual donations must be a minimum of $500.  ( $325 tax credit for $500 donation)
  • Business/corporate donations must be a minimum of $615.39(cash, merchandise, rent/lease facility, professional services, stock, real estate, other property, contracting services)
  • The tax credits can be prorated for filing up to five years.
  • NVS has been awarded a limited amount of credits for the current program year.  Donor documents will be submitted to the state on a “first come” basis.


What do I need to do?

  • Make your donation to NVS in accordance with the criteria as listed above.
  • NVS will supply you with a Contribution Notification form that you complete and submit along with your donation check to NVS
  • NVS will complete their section of the form and submit it to the State.
  • NVS will send the tax credit voucher directly to you once it is received from the state.

For more information please contact the NVS Business office at 434-846-0301.