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Volunteer Opportunities

volunteerOne of the best gifts you can give is the gift of your time, expertise and experience. There are always a need for volunteers from assisting with our building and grounds to assisting our administration, teachers and parents. ask!

Volunteers are a vital part of New Vistas School.  These individuals enrich programs, aid staff members, and help to involve the wider community in the life of the school. Besides parents and guardians, we encourage friends of the school – any Senior Citizens, college students, or neighbors – to help with  selected school trips, office needs, special events, or beautification of the grounds; also, we invite them to contact the Assistant Head of School or Head of School and make their talents known.

Parental involvement is critical for the ultimate success of the school in  attaining its Mission.  To that end, the administration invites parents or guardians to call and schedule conferences at any time with the child’s Teacher, Unit Coordinator, the Advisor, the Guidance Counselor, the Assistant Head of School, or the Head of School.  Open communication is the key to working together for the good of the  child.